LSE e-Learning Experience



Learn to be aware of your thoughts and new ways to manage your emotions. 

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Welcome to the LSE process: A Journey of Self-Esteem Recovery and Personal Growth.

By learning these ideas and tools, you will develop different methods so as to become aware of your thoughts and adopt a healthier way to manage your emotions.

The Four Modules in this Program to Achieve Success:

  1. Discover the GPS Pinpoints to Diagnose Your LSE

  2. Identify Events Leading Up to LSE

  3. Recognize the Patterns For Change

  4. Learn To Get On The Right Track

 Debra Ann Cruz, CEAP, CEC, LPC, 

Certified Employee Assistance Professional

 Certified Executive Coach

Licensed Professional Counselor 

  • Debra Ann Cruz, CEAP, LPC, CPLC
  • Debra Ann Cruz, CEAP, LPC, CPLC

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