The Design Concept Behind My Diamond and Heart Logo for Personal Truth and Life Strategies

Personal Truth & Life Strategies Diamond and Heart Logo

The diamond and the heart featured in my Personal Truth & Life Strategies logo are icons to portray the importance and spirit of knowing your self-truth and living your life with love, joy and fulfillment.

A brilliant diamond, the world’s most precious stone, rests in the middle of the heart for strength, clarity and to guard what I call the human heart’s "Sweet Spot of Personal Truth." The deep red heart, full, vibrant and alive, represents the authenticity of self and of life's purpose. Thus, the meaning of this logo is simple:

"Your Life is Precious and Self does Matter!"

There is an emotional sweet spot that enlightens our human soul when we are courageous and ready to get serious and real about life. Speaking our truth is one of the greatest acts of kindness we can do for ourselves to demonstrate self-love, self-advocacy and the self-care needed to ensure we take responsibility for getting our own needs met. In this way, we avoid abdicating power by being dependent on others to get our wants and personal requirements accomplished.

Your Sweet Spot of Personal Truth is your core.

It is human to want to belong to the group but the fear of isolation and being unlovable blinds us from the power of accessing the strength and courage needed to thrive and move forward in life. Your Sweet Spot of Personal Truth is the core courage buried within your heart that helped you make it through tough life challenges. It has protected you and delivered you through the storms of life’s traumas and misfortune. You survived now what? How do you move forward?

The Six Human Needs of Psychology

According to the Six Human Needs of Psychology, every person normally focuses on one or two of the following requirements:

  1. Certainty – Need to feel safe, secure, cared for and in control.

  2. Uncertainty/Variety – Need for excitement, spontaneity, or creativity.

  3. Significance – Desire to feel unique, relevant, worthy, or acknowledged.

  4. Love/Connection – Caring, passionate, adored, belonging and warmth.

  5. Growth – Change, development, and taking action to pursue new goals.

  6. Contribution – Giving, being selfless, expansive to make things better.

To transform our experience of living and being in relationship to ourselves and others we must know which of the six needs guides our behavior(s) and actions at any given time in the pursuit of getting needs met.

For example:

  • What has to happen for you to feel sure, safe, taken care of and secure?

  • What do you do to get your needs met?

My expertise as a life coach, counselor and mentor benefits my clients by helping them to discover their identities:

  • Who they are.

  • What they want to get out of life.

  • How to strategize a plan of action to make it happen.

In the beginning, they may not have all the tools and skills they need to reach their goal(s)

but, the symbolism of the diamond-heart logo will always be there to help them along in their arduous climb to the joy and fulfillment they seek.

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 Debra Ann Cruz, CEAP, CEC, LPC, 

Certified Employee Assistance Professional

 Certified Executive Coach

Licensed Professional Counselor 

  • Debra Ann Cruz, CEAP, LPC, CPLC
  • Debra Ann Cruz, CEAP, LPC, CPLC

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